Project Description

A Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared to evaluate the environmental impacts associated with the construction and operation of an Electromagnetic Measurement Ranging (EMMR) system located on Naval Base (NAVBASE) Kitsap Bangor lands and adjacent waters in Hood Canal, specifically within the Navy Restricted Area and Hood Canal Military Operating Area North, NAVBASE Kitsap Bangor, Washington.

Proposed Action

To construct and operate an EMMR system
  • An EMMR system is a passive system that measures the electromagnetic signature of a submarine.
  • An EMMR system consists of a buried sensor array system, offshore platform, cable, and aid to navigation.


To provide the Navy with the capability to measure the electromagnetic signatures of submarines in the northwestern continental United States.
  • Currently the Navy lacks the capability in the Pacific Northwest to measure electromagnetic signatures of submarines.


  • Ensure that submarines meet the magnetic signature requirements of OPNAVINST C8950.2(x), which requires all classes of submarines to perform certain actions to decrease risk from threats.
  • Eliminate unacceptable operational inefficiencies for submarines homeported or otherwise operating in waters off the northwestern continental United States that are required to utilize facilities located at Pearl Harbor or San Diego in order to fulfill their electromagnetic signature requirements. Approximately two weeks of transit time are needed to access facilities at Pearl Harbor or San Diego from NAVBASE Kitsap Bangor.